Ethanol – 200 Proof


Pure Ethyl Alcohol

200 Proof


Grain Derived

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Catalog #ProductSizePackagingPriceExcise TaxTotal
C1001Ethanol - 200 Proof4x1 GalPoly73.99106.72180.71
C1002Ethanol - 200 Proof5 GalPoly w/Reike Spout81.99133.40215.39
C1003Ethanol - 200 Proof5 GalMetal w/Reike81.99133.40215.39
C1004Ethanol - 200 Proof5 GalPoly w/Spigot81.99133.40215.39
C1005Ethanol - 200 Proof55 GalPoly Drum601.991467.402069.39
C1006Ethanol - 200 Proof55 GalMetal Drum613.991467.402081.39

Synonyms: Pure Ethyl Alcohol, Un-denatured, Food Grade Ethanol

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1 Gal, 5 Gal (Metal), 5 Gal (Poly w/Reike), 5 Gal (Poly w/Spigot), 55 Gal (Metal), 55 Gal (Poly)