Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up an Account

You can set up a new account by downloading the Account Setup Form here and submitting it by email or mail. Submit it with any required licensing.

Required Licensing

Special licensing is required to purchase pure ethyl alcohol and varies by state (local customers in Nevada are required to have a Permissible Persons Permit). Contact us for information regarding your state's requirements.

Placing an Order

A template order form in Excel and PDF versions is available in the contact page. This form can be submitted by email to

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs vary by quantity and location, email us to request a quote. Safety and Janitorial products are delivered free of charge to local Las Vegas locations.

Excise Tax

Pure, Undenatured Ethanol is subject to a federal excise tax. This tax varies by proof and quantity and will be an additional cost with your order. A schedule of excise tax amounts can be downloaded here

Sales/Use Tax

Nevada customer are required to pay sales. Out of state purchasers are required to report Use Tax on items purchased to their State Department.

Bulk Discounts & Price Matching

Discounts are available in high volume purchases. We take pride in having competitive prices and will offer price matching when possible. Email us for more info.

Items or packaging sizes not listed online

We offer additional items and packaging options not listed on our website. Smaller and larger packaging (from 1L bottles to 270 gallon totes) are available on request. Email us for more information.


Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis are available on request